About us

The «Artist's Attic» Art Gallery is a unique space represented highly credentialed masters of sculpture, painting, graphics and glass.Gallery was founded in 1999 and is widely recognized as one that sales works of contemporary Russian artists and offers exhibitions featuring local professionals. After seeing our exposition we are proud to invite you to relax in the restaurant «Artist's Attic» (Fondue Bar) located on the fourth floor of the Gallery.The «Artist's Attic» Art Gallery suggests an educational programs as well. We create an open platform for the development and exploring ideas and issues of our time. «Artist's Attic» has been honored to organize lectures, seminars, workshops, and screenings that bring visitors face-to-face with contemporary art. 



 The «Artist's Attic» Art Gallery provides a restaurant on the fourth floor with panorama of the St. Petersburg roofs and the Griboedov canal. In a warm and relaxed atmoshere in the heart of the city discover the rich flavours of European cuisine. The restaurant proposes a variety of desserts and our specialties include a cheese, chocolate or exotic fondue in boiling oil.Our elegant and filled with light restaurant is an exhibition space as well where visitors are surrounded by the masterpieces of St. Peterburg artists. Guests are welcome on the terrace with breathtaking view where you can relax and recharge after an inspiring day in the Gallery. 

For more information on options and prices, or to reserve your bookings, please contact the «Artist's Attic» Art Gallery on +7(921) 932-93-38 or email us at: 1/28 Lomonosov Street, St. Petersburg, Russia.